"T-shirt is the way to express oneself."
atelier comopti considers T-shirts as the world's most familiar garment,
and strives to enrich each "ordinary" day with
uniquely designed T-shirts of superior quality.


"comopti" is a portmanteau blending of "combinatorial optimization,"
which is mainly used in the field of Applied Mathematics and Information Engineering.

With this approach and focus on "materials" and "patterns," atelier comopti
pursues to produce trend-setting T-shirts of perfectly balanced "combinatorial optimization."


High quality and comfort. Tough. Simple. Long-lasting.
Pursuit of patterns that best fit each material.
Throughout the entire process, every step has a meaning: from the selection of thread and sewing of materials to each line of pattern and every single stitch.

The way you feel in your favorite T-shirt can be as "uplifting" as if you were wearing a freshly pressed suit.
The goal is for you to spend your day with this uplifting satisfaction in absolute comfort.

Information about all the factories engaged in each production process is released, including spinning, dyeing, knitting, and sewing factories.
atelier comopti has organized a cooperative system where inquiries and requests from other makers that appreciate
the value and the skill of our products can reach the factories of manufacture.
This system exists in order to contribute to the future succession of excellent skills and traditions, as well as steady operation,
of the valuable domestic factories with which we are partnered.